Mr Blue Roads



"Can't get better than a FIREBALL"

                             Mr Blue Roads

Blue Roads

       Rock Outlaw & Blues

           Raw to the Bone

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Mr Blue Roads

Corporate Casino Rally Festival Venue Special Event



"Can't Get Better Than a FIREBALL"

                        Mr Blue Roads

Tour 2021


 New Years Eve Gustons

 Jan    16th  The Line ATL
 Jan     20th Private Party
 Jan     23rd Black Catz Al.
Feb       6th Lanier Beach 
Feb      12th Woodland Club Atl
Feb      19th Alph, County Club
March   6th Wine County Event

April     3rd  At ATL Music Venue
April     9th  Black Catz Al
April     14th Chelses Tn
April     16th Bay Blues Al.
May      13th Bike Night Event
May      27th The Inn 
May      29th The Line ATL. 

July        4th Jackson Party
July        13th Corp. Event
July        14th Tex Rally 

Aug       27th Metro Atl.
Sept     4th  Labor Day Event
Sept     18th  Watering Hole

Oct       16th A.L. Event S.H.
Oct       23rd A.L. Event V.R.
Oct       30th Halloween LBS

Nov       27th Watering Hole
Dec        Studio 


Tour dates are not all visible.

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Jan        3rd  Handle Bars

Jan        4th  Handle Bars

Jan        8th  Acoustic  Tn

Jan      10th Timmers Jacs Ky

Jan       11th  H.D. Event

Jan       17th  Event Atl Metro

Jan       18th  Event Atl Metro

Feb        7th   Corporate Event  F

Feb       28th Casino Ms 

Feb       29th Casino Ms

March    7th  A.L Lounge L

March  20th Casino Mn 

March  21st   Casino Mn 

March  27th  The Inn Metro Atl

April      4th   Harley Davidson F


May      1st    Casino Mn

May      2nd  Casino Mn

May      18th  Harley Davidson F

May     30th A.L. Lounge L  

June     5th  Casino Nv

June     6th  Casino Nv

July     10th  Casino Mn

July     11th   Casino Mn

July     18th  The Inn Metro Atl

Aug     26th Bike Night ATL

Sept      5th  Metro Atl 

Sept     11th  Casino Mn

Sept     12th Casino Mn

Sept     19th Casino Nv

Sept     20th Casino Nv


Nov       6th Casino Mn

Nov       7th Casino Mn

Nov      12th Casino Nv 

Nov      13th Casino Nv


       Tour Dates are not all

            listed at this time.

Featured Interview with Artist Mr. Blue Roads


Alfred Munoz

Published on April 15, 2019








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Q-How did you come by your stage name?


I was sitting in my bus smoking, thinking about my travels when I toured with George Jones all those years, the long hours on the road, watching the smoke swirl above my head. Staying on the roads so long day and night, I came up with the name “Blue Roads.” “Mr. Blue Roads” followed. I’ m the founding member, so it just worked out, especially when I’m solo at music venues.


Q-When did you discover your love for your craft and what made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in it?


When I heard Johnny Winter play “Johnny B Goode” I knew I wanted to do’s a hell of a way to make a living, but I’ll do it before I’ll work.


Q-To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?


My sense of style hmmm, too many to list. I’d accredit Country, Rock, Blues and some Jazz to my style. Lead playing would be Chuck Berry, but Jimmy Page is my main influence on guitar, and songwriting. I got to say, Allen Collins is in the mix as well.


Q-On your upcoming project, how did you come up with the concept?


I’ve been listening to Johnny Winter again. I get fresh ideas rolling in Blues & Rock. I’m up all hours playing guitar and writing lyrics till the sun comes up. My latest is “Satanic Woman.”.Hard Core Blue CD I’m working on. My Manager is the inspiration, TY Bella.



Q-What are some of your greatest challenges, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?



Time is a challenge. Finding it, using it wisely, and especially enjoying it, like when your music is flowing strong, and your band is locked in for the ride. Its a great sensation, creativity pours. To do this job you have to have “The want too.” It’s all that makes it happen. Diving in head first is what it takes. Don’t except no. Keep passion.



Q-Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?



Yeah, I feel I am. I work at being the best I can be daily. “The best music comes from the bottom up” my quote. Hardcore living and sacrifice made so many of the greats in music. Living life on the road, writing from your own experiences keeps you connected.



Q-What are your plans for the near future?



My plans are to keep improving musically and keep on rolling. Music feeds me daily. I could not live without it noway. I can’t imagine being happy if I haven’t played a gig, wrote a song, produced a CD. Ask any hardcore musician if he can stop. He’ll say hell no.








Q- there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?


I thank my Father for working so hard that I could have a guitar and lessons. He busted his ass for me to be able to have the opportunity, and my Mom for her confidence in me, and renting me a guitar to start lessons. She bought my first guitar, a beautiful black Les Paul. I thank God for giving me the talent. I spent my days and nights playing Led Zeppelin while everyone else I knew was out having a good time. I’m glad I did.


Q-How can fans find you?


Looking for Blue Roads? You have to go to the man at All are welcome. Blue Roads music is at iTunes and most all internet stores that sell music. Blue Roads and Mr. Blue Roads are also on Social Internet, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on. Blue Roads is played on many internet radio stations and FM stations across the USA, Europe, and Australia.



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