"The Best Music Comes From The Bottom Up"  MBR


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 (MBR) Mr Blue Roads Performs & Tours Blue Roads Music. A combination of Blues Raw to the Bone, Rock-Southern Rock, Outlaw Country, & Blues. 

(Touring on Blue Roads Music & Cover Favs )

 Mr Blue Roads  Lead Guitarist & Lead Vocals) toured with "Legendary Country Music Royalty" George Jones for multi years after being seen on Television as Host Band to a Late Night 5 nights a week Variety Show with his band  "Hard Times."

( MBR is on the last CD of Georgia Jones &" Country Queen Tammy Wynette titled "One."  MBR is also on "The Bradley Barnes Collection w/ George Jones. after multi years w/ George Jones  Mr Blue Roads formed RED HOUSE. Going back to his Atlanta roots and his ATL  band members who  join him in Georgia Entertainment Spots . 

In 2013  MBR became " Blue Roads " Known as Mr Blue Roads He is an acomplished Songwriter, Musician, Singer & Entertainer.
Mr Blue Roads lyrics are true  Raw to Life . Feeling "The Best Music Comes From The Bottom Up." as is his Motto. (MBR) Having studio influences with his touring . Mr Blue Roads has set  with the best  of artists, Mark Knopfler, Kieth Richards, Jackson Brown . Waylon Jennings , Leon Russell, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt ( Producers) Owen Bradley, Bobby Bradley plus Nancy Jones & the Jones Boys, Tony Brown Brian Ahearn Marty Stewart, James Burton( Elvis Guitar Player & many more Giants.
In the Bradley Barnes Sessions Mr Blue Roads was involved w/ Greats  Keith Richards , Dolly, Vince Gill , Faith Hill Emmie Lou Harris, Trisha Yearwood and a slew of Nashvilles Finest. 

Mr Blue Roads Toured with Clarence Carter, a Blues Giant in the Music Industry. MBR is Magic on Blues & Rock Guitar.
Blue Roads Music is  Southern Soul Blues, Rock ,& Outlaw mixed in a fusion of 70's sound & todays life.  

He's a Storm of sorts in his energy & style. His guitar talents are Phenomenal.  Mr Blue Roads is a True Southern Experience in his Music & his Stories .

Blue Roads Tours, Festivals, Casino's Rally's  &                                   Special Events & Music Venues

 The musicians performing with MrBlue Roads "The Brothers Of The Road" are  life long pro's touring                  with the best names in the business, 

Blue Roads Music & Fav Cover Songs                          are  Enjoyed by all.




Congrats on your growth!  What inspired your creative path?

 Blue Roads: MBR : ( Mr Blue Roads) Chuck Berry inspired my creative path. The way he played guitar and his songwriting is exceptional and groundbreaking for the time.
BANDWIDTH DAILY: The music business is a roller coaster, what are some of your proudest moments? 
Blue Roads: I gotta say one of my proudest moments was working on the George Jones "Bradley Barnes Sessions" with musicians such as Keith Richards, Dolly Parton, Emmilou Harris, Trisha Yearwood, Leon Russell, James Burton. There is so much more to say. Getting to play Keith Richards Stratocaster was a major thrill. Touring the world with a Legend like George Jones for multiple years, teaching me all I needed to know in the music industry. I was green they called me " a Babe in the woods." 

BANDWIDTH DAILY: Capitalizing on momentum is key to success, what new music or events are on the way? 

Blue Roads: I have a few CD's out since the band started. Blue Roads self titled CD "Blue Roads" Southern Rock, with Country Out Law flavor, even a bit of rap. I love the Blues and so I released Blue Roads " Six Pack of Blues."  and "Six Pack of Country" I'm working and writing songs all the time. I pick up the guitar and it just starts to flow. I pick out my favorites or the best Idea and record it to work on. I have a great Funk piece I'm polishing at the moment in release "Gigging It", but I also have a work of Hard Core Country Standards from the Kings of Country Out Law put to a Rock n Roll style. I want to reintroduce the greats to the generations of now. I'm the type who grew up on hard core country being from the South born in metro Atlanta, but learned rock n roll on guitar. When I told my Dad I was going on the road his advice to me was "The woods are full of em." I know that's right, but this is what I love to do. MBR Mr Blue Roads bndwdth.media/blue- roads-cover September Edition BandWidth Daily Featured Artist of the Month InterviewI




        "Pretty Woman"

Blue Roads


 Fender Charity Foundation 
"I find Music to be one of the few international joys of the world." (MBR) Blue Roads hopes you share in the opportunity to spread the joy, When you purchase a Blue Roads song half the money goes to The Fender Music Foundation. This Charity helps Supply instruments where needed so young people can have an opportunity to learn and create as to enjoy music. Giving to others helps create better people and better opportunities for our future generations. 






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“Great Balls of Fire ! 
"Kings of Golden Oldies" 
is absolutley Superb. 
Made me want a Classic 
Car to Cruise .
” Dav Miller L- Street