"The Best Music Comes From The Bottom Up"  MBR


Dec.31 Private Party 

Jan 16 The Line Atl (Acoustic)  

Jan 23 Black Catz Al

Feb 6 L.B.S. 

Feb 12 Woodland Club

March 5 Wine Country Event

March 12 N.C.

March 13 N.C.

April 3 Black Catz

April 14 Buffalo's Hiram 

April 16 Bay Blues

May 19th Ann. Party

June 22 N.C.

June 23 N.C.

June 24 N.C.

July 4 Jackson Party

July 8 TailGaters

July 14 Corp. Atl.

Aug 27 S.C. 

Sept 4 Al. (Acoustic)

Sept 5 Al. (Acoustic)

Oct 8 PitPulls (accoustic)

Oct 27 Private Party Event

 Nov Dec - Studio

 Bookings are not all listed









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